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At Speedy Dish, our focus is serving 100% Health Meals On Time using healthy ingredients direct from the farms without dangerous chemicals or preservatives.

The high rate of diseases such as cancer and similar diseases can be attributed to use of dangerous chemicals and preservatives. We at Speedy Dish have made it a focus to only use the healthiest ingredients in all our meals.

Produce Direct From Farmers

Our vendors have been carefully checked to ensure that all produce is direct from the farmers ensuring the best quality at all times.

Stored Without Chemicals 

We buy as needed based on our volume and hence have no need for extended storage eliminating the need for dangerous preservatives.

Cooked While Still Fresh

All produce are are exhausted within a maximum of 48 hours ensuring that they are fresh and very nutritious while been cooked.

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“Delivering Health Meals, made from farm fresh ingredients is our core mission. When you order from our App, you are guaranteed on-time delivery or your next meal is 50% off.”

Ehinome Osezua - MD/CEO

What We Do At Speedy Dish

We offer services designed to save you money while eating healthy.

Speedy Dish Eatry

Your family and friends will love the Speedy Dish eatery that is regarded as one of the best eateries  on the Lagos mainland. Sop by at 2 Coker Road Ilupeju today.

Catering Services

Our catering service provides food at the right cost for all types of events from birthdays to large corporate events. Click on the link below to get a free catering quote. 

Bulk and Home Order

From the Speedy Dish app, you can order meals for large number of people to cater for small office events or for your home meals. Download the app to get started.

Weight Loss Meals

Eating right is the surest way to lose weight, and is far easier than the hectic gym memberships or spending thousands on weight loss pills that don't work.

Speedy Dish Lounge

A lounge with drinks and food priced right to meet the pockets of both the rich and the middle class. You will love the good music and the decent environment.

Speedy Dish VIP Lounge

Our VIP lounge is a place for the upper class, business men and politicians to enjoy a night out and express their wild side in the most decent environment. 

Customer Testemonials

Bisola Esan
American AirSea Cargo
Corporate Meals Customer

Speedy Dish has done an excellent job in providing nice tasting food to all our staff. Delivery is on time and the quality has remained the same for the past 4 months since we started working with them. Employee productivity has also greatly increased as staffs do not need to leave work in search of food. 

Aisha Akinpelu
 Export and Sell Nig. Ltd.
Corporate Meals Customer

Everyday Speedy Dish serves our staffs various meals. Lime most companies who start good and then decline in quality, Speedy Dish has actually improved over time and we are happy to have them. 

Julius Onyema
Speedy Dish Customer
Event Catering

We contracted Speedy Dish to cater for an event we were having, and we were blown away. We had 2 different caterers and everyone on tasting the food from Speedy Dish refused to eat from the other caterers. Until the food from Speedy Dish was finished, no one touched the food from the other caterers. I highly recommend Speedy Dish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always reach us at or call us at 0809 470 1390

Where are you located?

The Speedy Dish restaurant is located at the heart of Ilupeju at 2 Coker Road. We are just a few blocks from the junction of Coker Road and Ilupeju Bypass, and are located almost opposite the Anglican Church.

How do we subscribe to your corporate meals.

Our corporate meal package has become one of the most popular offering we offer and many companies now enjoy regular meals. To get started please call us at 0809 470 1390 and we will set up your company to start receiving meals within 48 hours. 

What is your weight loss meal package.

The weight loss meal pack is a special meal pack designed by a Nutritionist with the aim of helping you lose weight quickly. By subscribing to the weigh loss meal pack you have the choice of various low meal combinations served to you at any time you choose. You can select the particular meal you want as well as get it delivered when you want. 

To get started, download the Speedy Dish app and select package meals. Select the duration and pay for a package. Every day, you have the option of selecting any meal you want and we will deliver at your preferred time. 

What are package meal.

Package meals are a collection of meals paid for in advance and delivered to you as you like. So you can pay for say a months supply for you lunch. Every day, you will have the option to select from tens of meals and we will deliver. You will be able to see how many meals have been consumed and what is left at any time right from the Speedy Dish app.

What are Speedy Dish Bulk Orders.

Bulk orders are discounted orders for multiple people that can be used to host an event or for your family meals. You can order this right from the app and get deliveries same day in most cases.


We offer free delivery to most locations depending on the size of your order. Our app will show you if you qualify for free delivery or not.

HEALTH Guarantee

Serving healthy meals is all we care about and Speedy Dish takes all effort to ensure we serve meals made from farm fresh ingredients only. 


A well trained customer service team is there always to support you.  So should you have any issues no matter how small reach us immediately.
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